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p.m. tuesday, a row of town homes scorched. firefighters say 13 iernlts were fully -- units were fully engulfed. 13 adults and 12 children are now displaced. >> it's just hard to see it. i heard in her voice that something was wrong. when she told me that the house is on fire, i said, i'm on my way. i was actually on my way to a funeral. i was actually leaving the funeral going to the reception before the burial. and i just shot right here. >> reporter: the firefighters tell us no residents were injured. however, one volunteer firefighter was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. of course, they're still here on the scene now. they're rotating crews as they are finishing up here. because it is so hot out here. they trying to hydrate everyone and make sure no one crew works temperature. -- too much. as for the them, they are talking about what they are going to do from here.
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weijia, thank you. much more on the still developing story on wjz, eyewitness news tonight at 6:00. the job of the firefighters is made that much difficult by the sweltering conditions today. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are tracking the intense heat. >> today, much like yesterday. only difference between yesterday and today, actually, was the more humid day yesterday. we're just dropping a little bit in the dew points. take a look at the temperatures. these are coming in just a minute ago. 92 here. only 79. in oakland. 93 ocean city. but when you add in the moisture content here. feels like 98. d.c. down to 99. easton at 102. they were the hot spot this afternoon. and a nice change coming. talk about that in a few minutes. bernadette has a look at the
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temperatures and the advisories that we have in effect. bernadette? >> that's right. there is still a heat advisory in effect for the eastern shores of maryland. also, code orange air quality alert. that is through this evening. now, tomorrow, we're going to start to notice some changes around here. you probably already noticed the breeze picking up a little bit. somewhat of a transition day. and we will have that forecast figure coming up shortly. back to you inside. live first warning weather coverage continues with adam may. and more on how people around the state are keeping safe in these dangerous conditions and temperatures. all right, adam? >> let me tell you, this is the place to be right now, in the middle of the bubbling fountains right here at the inner harbor. a lot of kids jumping around out here. having a good time. you have to be careful. these things going off quickly. people are doing just about anything they can to stay school in this heat. >> it is downright hot at hot dog on falls road. >> is that root beer or diet
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coke? >> celebrating their one-year an anniversary. flaming grills add to the heat. >> i prefer to the cold. that's really nice. because you can getty about hind a fan and cool off a little bit. during the winter, you are solidly cold. and there's nothing you can do about it. >> but this weather can be dangerous. especially for outdoor workers. >> the numbers are real. it does happen. and please make sure you're not one of those figures. >> reporter: already this summer, at least four people have died across maryland. two in baltimore city. the elderly most at risk. >> we have had a 95-year-old woman and an 81-year-old woman, with cardiovascular disease, pass away if heat-related complications. >> certainly, whenever the weather is extremely hot, you're going to see some weather-related outages. >> reporter: luckily, the powers still aren't on for most everyone, including this
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massage therapist. >> we're in the shade. >> you can see a lot of kids out here right now. these bubbling fountains trying to stay cool on the outside. a lot of families have that packed up their dinners. we checked in with bge. as we said, not a lot of major power outoges -- outages here. we're live downtown, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> popping -- hop in that fountain, adam. >> yeah. that i go off like very unexpectedly let me tell you that. there's nothing then they come up. but it feels good. >> the kids have the right idea. stay with wjz for the updated forecast and a full list of closings and delays. at this hour, police are searching for one of two men accused of snatching an 8-year- old off the street near his home in west baltimore, with plans to hold the boy for
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ransom. wjz is live at city police headquarters. mike hellgren following the investigation for us today, mike? >> reporter: police say they could actually be two people involved in this kidnapping plot. tonight, we have the little boy's harrowing journey home. >> reporter: after being snatched off the street and thrown in the trunk of a car, 8- year-old derek charles brown is back home. helen jones spotted little derek, in an abandoned house. [ inaudible ] said no. strong little boy. >> reporter: she was watching wjz a few hours earlier and heard the description. >> it's my time. because i watch it 24/7. all day long. i knew it was him. when he dpolt there, i knew it was him. >> we don't feel like this was a random act of violence. we do believe that he was an intended target. >> reporter: investigators say
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the motive was money. they have one man in custody and are searching for another, ra him taylor, who has a lengthy arrest charge. >> do you have any idea why they would want to do something like that? >> police say the kidnappers did demand a ransom. >> you never know where the investigation can take us. and at this point, police have not said how much ransom money those kidnappers wanted in connection with the case. reporting live at city police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. police tell wjz, charges are pending against the man in custody. they have not released his name. investigators in new jersey are looking into a fiery crash that claimed the lives of three marylanders. the wreck happened last night,
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25 miles south of philadelphia. the car ran off the road, hit a tree, and burst into flames. 24-year-old manuel marshall. 27-year-old jesse jones. and arthur brinko died at the scene. all three men were from prince george's county. we have new information today on one of the two maryland men charged with a cunning plot to steal priceless documents. >> district attorney-year-old barry landau is charged with stealing hundreds of historic documents. wjz learned that landau represented himself as a cbs 60 minutes producer. but cbs sent him a stop and desist order. an employee who saw the man acting strangely over the called police. >> both men are being held without bail. as we know, the clock is ticking on a deal to raise the
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nation's debt ceiling. but neither party is willing to budge right now. democrats won't support a deal unless it closes tax loopholes. and republicans won't go for a plan that includes tax hikes. >> reporter: president obama told cbs evening news anchor scott pelley that 10s of billions of dollars in social security payments, as well as veteran and disability payments could be in jeopardy if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd, if we haven't resolved this issue. because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are stepping up their criticism as time winds down to the august 2nd deal deadline. >> this is the president's plan. when is he going to lay his cards on the table? this debt limit increase is his problem. >> everything has to be on table. everything. all spending programs. all entitlement programs. all taxes, have to be on the
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table. >> reporter: lawmakers return to the white house for a third time this week, trying to come up with at least $2 trillion in spending cuts. >> reporter: democrats want to close some tax loopholes, bringing in additional cash. but republicans say they can't support the tax hikes. leading gop senator mitch mcconnell is working on a contingency plan, in case congress doesn't get the debt ceiling raised in time. but the president says he won't sign off on any kind of short term deal. and you can see more of scott pelley's interview with the president tonight on the cbs evening news right here on wjz 13 at 7:00. a closer look at the latest government jobs reports shows just how many americans are out of work. friday's job report had the unemployment rate at 9.2%. but a report shows just 58% of americans have full-time jobs. that matches the low seen earlier during the recession.
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the naacp is accusing anne arundel county of racial bias in his schools. the organization claims the school system suspends and punishes more african american students, compared to their peers. they argue county schools have not made sufficient progress. the two sides will discuss the issue, once again in the near future. gay rights advocates launched this to legalize, same- sex marriage in maryland. wjz is live at city hall. political reporter pat warren has more on what marylanders can expect to hear and see. >> reporter: same sex reporters plan to follow the example set to sway public and political opinion in their direction. baltimore mayor puts this on
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maryland. >> your fight is our fight. and together, i will know when. >> others come forward in the launch of marylanders for equality. >> a move was blocked this year. the bill got as far as the floor of the house but went back to committee without a vote. >> all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> opposed say nay. bill has been revoked. >> people in the community associations, churches, synagogues, in their mosques, talking about the fact that marriage equality is the right thing to do in maryland. >> defenders of marriage of one man and one woman are expecting the pressure. >> we are in their sight. we are targeted. we are in the bull's-eye. >> ironically, both sides use
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theirs. >> we have that showing us the path to victory. >> we don't want that. and it's not going to happen. it ain't going to happen. read my lips. >> reporter: others have a different read. >> and there is a possibility that the bill could come up before 2012. there is a special session coming up in the third week of october. and a possibility that it could come there. reporting live, i'm pat warren. back to you on tv hill. advocates want this to become the seventh straight to legalize same-sex marriage. starting tomorrow, you can no longer light up in county parks. uflman says he wants to protect the lights -- rights of nonsmokers who use the park. still ahead at 5:00. tabloid scandal. the british government takes action in the phone hacking
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scandal that has an entire country up in arms. long lines in downtown. after thousands show up for a job fair. i'm monique griego. coming up, we'll show you just how hectic things got. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, a small improvement here, a small improvement there, is adding up to a healthier bay. that story as eyewitness news continues. it is another hot start to the evening. bob is tracking the temps in our updated first warning weather forecast. it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from
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thousands of people flooded into the sheraton in downtown baltimore for this afternoon. >> i see everyone is doing the
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little slip eddy -- slippedy slide thing. >> i need single-file lines. single-file lines. >> with resume in hand, job seekers line the hall in sheraton. >> we just gotta remain calm. these people are here to help us. >> reporter: but not everyone in line with that understanding. with baltimore city's unemployment rate at 10%, 4% higher than just three years ago. organizer william hawthorne was bombarded by frustrated job seekers. hawthorne has hosted several job fairs for coast-to-coast careers but says he's never seen a turnout like this. >> there's only so many vendors, you want to get a personal one on one without anybody bumping in. >> reporter: various vendors were onhand to take resumes from a wide variety of people looking for work. >> for people wanting to maybe change career paths. >> despite the long lines and
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having to fight this crowd, many of the job seekers say it's actually all worth it. >> there's going to be connections i'm following up on, shortly after i walk out the door. >> reporter: and the majority of people we spoke with today were already employed but were looking for a better job that paid more money. >> thank you, monique. the latest jobs report in maryland shows the unemployment rate at 6.8%, well below the national average. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work. light check on the roads. we have some trouble up in the harford county area. up in the bel air area, we have the road that is shut down. all lanes are blocked on the bel air bypass, between route 24 and conowingo road. also, 24 and 924 are blocked. best case scenario would be to avoid that area if at all possible, for at least the next 20 to 30 minutes. 95 to liberty road.
5:19 pm
another 15 minutes up there from dulaney valley road to harford road. average speed, about 14 miles per hour. 70 westbound, still backed up from 29 to marriottsville road. and over 30 minutes away, northbound 95 to 175 to the beltway. are the accidents include perring parkway, mclean boulevard, and charles at west 29th. let's take a live look here. 895, north of charles street. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. come in and try the delicious barbecued pulled pork sub. and an irresistible, bold sandwich. after promising consequences, it states in the chesapeake water shed don't do more to clean up the bay, the epa says that it is turning things up. maryland is more than holding its own.
5:20 pm
>> reporter: a bay, not just clean enough to swim in but clean enough to support a variety of life, is what half a dozen states in the chesapeake waters should have pledged to do. and the feds are holding them to it. >> epa has put in place called milestones. every year, the states have to report how much progress they're made towards meeting their goals. >> the governor was pleased to announce with epa that we're essentially there, we're about 98% of reaching our goal. >> reporter: the goal was to reduce algae blooms that trigger dead zones employ zones. a record 400,000 acres in cover crop were plant maryland immediate. sewage treatment plant. another nitrogen producer. the end result, maryland produced nitrogen by 4 million pounds. but -- >> the public needs to know if we move its increment up, it's a tougher challenge, a steeper
5:21 pm
climb. >> reporter: maryland still faces two very large and expensive hurdles. >> addressing storm waters from urban areas this. is the one area that continues to increase when it comes to pollution roads, along with septic systems. >> reporter: and leaks from septic systems carry it to waterways and the bay. to slow it, states will need federal money, as well as pressure. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the price tag for a restored bay by the year 2025 is something of a moving target. but it will easily cost in the tens of billions of dollars. try to keep the bay clean as well. but watching what goes down the storm drain. >> absolutely. take a look at temps. 92 now. humidity, has dropped a bit. northwest winds. barometer holding city. come back and take a look at some relief in our forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we look at slightly lower temperatures tomorrow. and eventually, much lower humidity. it's going to make it feel a lot more comfortable, beginning late in the day tomorrow. probably a couple of thunderstorms as well. we got a front coming through.
5:25 pm
we'll show you that in a minute. take a look at temps now. it's just when where -- where it was. dew point is down to 68. it is a bit dryer right now than it was yesterday. so it's a little bit more comfortable. if you add these two together. 92 with the dew point at 68. feels like 96. yesterday, at this time, it felt like 100. slight difference but it does make a difference in the way you feel. 77, oakland, still 90 in cumberland. hot spots down to the south. 94. 93 in ocean city. 94 over in washington locally. just about a 90-degree mark again. warm spot, d.c. and bel air, coming up at 93 degrees now. we do have a nice breeze. didn't have that wind yesterday. but the breeze did help to evaporate the moisture off your skin, which does help to cool you down. 13 here. 8 here in elkton. we have a system that moved to the south. just last night, pretty strong
5:26 pm
complex of thunderstorms develop. that's one thing for sure. it's all down to the south as you see. clear skies right now, with the west/northwest winds. things have dried out in the upper atmosphere. thunderstorm activities tonight. none to be seen. except extreme states here. and the southern portions of quebec here. to the northwest, it is a front. that front will cross our region tomorrow afternoon. and probably because of the contrast in air masses, it may be just enough to kick up a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. and could be maybe a brief downpour. but tomorrow night, and thursday, friday, into the weekend. high pressure builds in. our winds go back to the north and northwest. it will dry things out. temperatures will also be coming down, back into the mid- 80s again, which is slightly below normal. so it's going to be very pleasant for the end of the week. northwest winds on the bay. that should help to dry out some of the heat and humidity. bay temp, nice and warm, 82 degrees.
5:27 pm
tonight, clear to partly cloudy. still humid. a low of 72 degrees. tomorrow, back up, close to 90. most of the days in the mid- to upper 80s. and yes, there's a risk in the afternoon of a thunderstorm. and a few isolated spotted. and if you get under one of those, maybe some brief downpours before it clears out. and begins to dry out tomorrow night. there's good news past tomorrow. >> we'll get there. all right, bob. thank you. still ahead at 5:00. current and former first ladies remember the remarkable life of betty ford. growing scandal at a popular rock-climbing school. why yet another coach has been arrested, coming up on eyewitness news. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. at the inner harbor. drivers from all over the globe will be coming here on labor day. but we're going to talk to someone from baltimore, driving this. the story when eyewitness ,,,,,,
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5:30. 92 degrees and partly sunny. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a growing scandal at a popular chain of rock climbing schools. another coach, under arrest, charged with sex offenses against a minor. wjz is live. derek valcourt has been following this investigation at earth trek. >> it saturday second arrest of an earth trek coach in less than two weeks. this time around, it's an
5:31 pm
assistant coach who faces four sex offense charges. >> reporter: 31-year-old climbing coach mikalt lyons arrested in late june, after police say he confessed to having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 14-year-old female student at this earth trek in columbia. now, they reveal another earth treks coach. 21-year-old assistant daniel montague also had questions for an underage girl he was coaching. >> seems like a trial of stress. >> reporter: it doesn't occur at earth treks. but instead, the young victim listed the acts they advantaged -- engaged at montague's house. >> they issued a written statement. >> we have been aware for several days that these
5:32 pm
criminal charges were coming, but howard county police requested that we remained silent. but the criminal charges now filed, we have begun the process of notifying the parents and guardians and members of the climbing team. outside tuesday, parents who take their kids to earth treks were shocked by the news. >> it makes you worried. but just keep an eye on the kids. be responsible. that's what it's all about. >> this is so upsetting to many of the climbing teen parents that earth treks has already had to hold one informational meeting with parents, they're going to have to have another informational meeting with parents this thursday night in rockville. >> can you understand their concerns, derek. thank you. howard county police would not talk about there latest arrest, cited with their ongoing investigation. last month, johnson admitted she destroyed a
5:33 pm
$100,000 check, for her husband. and federal agents came to her door. councilmembers urged her to step down immediately. but her resignation isn't effective until july 31st. she will face sentencing in october. new allegations in the phone hacking scandal in britain. tabloid reporters are accused of illegally digging into the lives of high-ranking members of the government. denise is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: authorities have already arrested eight people for the phone hacking and bribery scandals. british lawmakersmakers have asked murdoch and rebecca brooks to appear at a hearing next week. today, police testified the paper did not fully cooperate with an investigation of the tabloids, back in 2006. this comes just as former prime minister gordon brown accuses another news corps paper of illegally obtaining his son's medical record, after he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.
5:34 pm
>> to have your children's privacy invaded like that, and particularly when the child isn't well is heartbreaking. i absolutely will not rest until we get to the bottom of these problems. >> reporter: one of the journalists facing charges, previously served as cameron's communications director. >> today, the british government called on murdoch to withdraw his bid to british sky broadcasting, which would give news corps an even bigger slice of the british media. following her not guilty verdict, casey anthony has signed a book deal. protestors are disgusted, saying anthony does not deserve to be paid for her story. after factoring in time already served, anthony will walk free this sunday. baseball star, roger clemens is in court and will soon face trial.
5:35 pm
a jury of 10 women and two men have been seated in the case. clemens denies he lied about using steroids. he is charged with perjury, false statements, and obstruction of justice. former orioles outfielder, al bumbree coached with the red sox, when clemens played for the team. family, friends and a host of dignitaries, were saying goodbye to former first lady betty ford. karen brown reports for wjz, with the emotional outpouring. >> the hearst -- hearse carrying betty ford. they entered the palm desearly's 100-degree heat. >> we'll never see the likes of a lady like that again. >> this is a great day to celebrate the life of that wonderful woman.
5:36 pm
>> four decades will be represented. michelle obama is attending, along with three former first ladies. and ford's good friend, rosalyn carter, will be speaking at the ceremony. ford is being buried where she buried her husband more than four years ago. tomorrow, her body will be flown to grand rapids, michigan, where she'll be buried alongside her husband, on what would have been his 98th birthday. hundreds have already come to the gerald ford presidential museum in grand rapids to remember. >> she's just a very special lady. >> reporter: ford never expected to be first lady. but she never let it stop her from speaking her mind. at a time where she rarely battled with cancer, she made her battle with cancer public. and after admitting to battling with alcohol and painkillers, she opened the betty ford clinic, which has helped
5:37 pm
100,000 people. >> if you looked to one word to describe her, i think it would be candor. and maybe you would find courage. and it's those qualities being remembered today. you're looking live right now. former first lady rosalyn carter, who is scheduled to speak at this service, seated here in the church sanctuary. betty ford's husband, former president gerald ford passed away in 2006. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. how sheila dixon is still a power broker. and how area pick your own farms are using facebook and other social media sites to let people know what's right. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. when the baltimore grand prix takes over downtown on
5:38 pm
labor day weekend, not all the racers will be in the kind ever cars we are used to seeing at the indy 500. mike schuh reports, cars you could see drive on our streets, like porsches, are included. and one even has a local driver. looks like a speeding ticket. just ask jabari. that is in the slowest running class here. how slow? >> we actually were doing 100 miles down light street. >> i have to say when you're this close your mind starts to play tricks on you. >> i drive that. and i race and i win all the time. >> you can handle that car? >> i can handle that one. >> okay, son. calm down. these cars are here because they're sponsored by baltimore companies.
5:39 pm
ask candy. and said other big baltimore -- the other big baltimore connection. is that driver. >> just sinking to me. you said, 160 miles an hour. >> that's right. >> 160? >> 160. >> don't tell jabari that mark is going to drive number 68. he still thinks he is. >> i want to see me drive. >> the indy cars for the big race, they're racing on sunday. this is one of the support series. their big race is going to be on saturday, labor day. at the inner harbor, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you in the inner hill. >> they run from $2800 each. >> i want one of those cars. baltimore and the orioles are teaming up. we need your help. during this weekend's stand, take nonperishable foods. the wjz family will collect your donations at the gate. friday, you can meet don, adam,
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ron, and andrea. saturday, you can meet vic, me, bob, mark, gigi, tim and pat. and sunday, you can meet denise, mary, jeff, stan and mike hellgren. all part of wjz's continuing community commitment. and here's one of the stories we're working on. i'mandy clark -- i'm andy clark in afghanistan. where the murder of the president's brother has caused a power vacuum and raised security concerns here. that story tonight on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. still ahead at 5:00. julian assange takes his place to britain's high court. but will they block the wikileaks founder extradition to spieden? -- sweden. and the nation's highest military decoration today. bob turk, first warning weather center. a break in the heat and humidity headed our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast.
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here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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everybody is looking for some relief from these warm temperatures and high humidity. and we have it on the way. might even be as early as late in the day tomorrow. front makes its way through. and because of that, we start out warm and muggy. temperatures will not be as high. couple of showers or thunderstorms are possible. we're already starting to lose humidity. winds are picking up out of the northwest. and that's going to bring in dryer and cooler air. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. check out tonight. 63. low humidity. beautiful. 86 on thursday. 64. 85 on friday. a few clouds coming in here friday and saturday. 87 and 89. a little warmer here as you start the end of the weekend on sunday, under partly cloudy skies. not terrible. kai? thank you, bob.
5:45 pm
wikileaks founder, julian assange is fighting his extradition back to sweden. he insists, the sex allegation charges against him are politically motivated. wikileaks founder, julian assange made his way through a crush of media to find his latest media battle. assange's lawyers are trying to block his extradition to sweden, where he's wanted on sexual assault allegations. they say sweden's case against assange is flawed. the australian computer wiz is accused of assaulting two wikileaks vol volunteers on a trip to stockholm last summer. they're urging the high court not to hand him over to swedish authorities. assange says anger over his wikileaks website is driving the allegations. the site published more than 250,000 secret u.s. government documents. >> reporter: assange's supporters fear sweden could hand him over to the u.s.,
5:46 pm
where a federal grand jury is investigating wikileaks. >> it's politically motivated. they want to get assange to get him out. and mark my words, mathat is what will happen. >> reporter: a district judge said there is no reason to believe he wouldn't receive a fair trial in sweden. a ruling may be weeks away. wikileaks founder says if he loses here, he'll take his case to britain's supreme court. in london, tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> assange made bail back in december. he's been wearing an electronic ankle bracelet and must check in with police every day. the u.s. pays tribute to one of its heroes with a very special ceremony at the white house. sergeant first class, leroy petrie is the first recipient of the medal of honor. he lost his right hand, while
5:47 pm
throwing an enemy grenade away from his fellow soldiers. his actions likely saved the lives of at least two other rangers. the end of an era. two crewmembers collected a broken pump to bring back to earth today. it was the 160th spacewalk in the space station's 12-year history. while this is the last shuttle mission for nas athe space station itself will keep operating until at least the year 2020. check in for these stories and more at 6:00. missing in baltimore. a man visiting from atlanta, disappears after walking to a corner store. the condition that may be complicating the cinch. international mystery. a judicialist in -- journalist in baltimore, missing. his mother, desperate for information. check in for more on these stories at 6:00. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. it is time for baseball's all- stars to shine. to showcase the game tonight, here's mark.
5:48 pm
and he has a preview coming up. ,
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a galaxy of baseball stars set to shine.
5:51 pm
mark viviano has a look at the all-star game. should be fun. for orioles catcher matt wieters. much like the others, he thinks the orioles are outmanned. and the top hitters in the home run derby. yankees and red sox. here are the sox, adrian gonzalez for the blast. he made it for the derby final, but finished behind the winner. set a record with 12 home runs in the final round. to beat gonzalez by 1. but some real pitchers will be on the mound for the game tonight. they are up for the challenge. >> it's always a great experience to come and play here. and to get a chance to go out and compete against the best players is something you look forward to. >> to be able to share a man like roy holiday. and the other pitchers that go along with it, very humbling
5:52 pm
experience. >> reporter: and that experience became a dangerous one during the derby. and the fan reaching over the rail and nearly fell. he was caught by a friend. this just five days after that suffered a fatal fall in texas. come on, people, it's just baseball. we'll have more on that, plus a minor league baseball fight that makes the major leaguers look like kids. and rory mcelroy talks about his chances at the british open league. in tonight's healthwatch report, an extra special delivery for one san antonio couple. a rare birth defect almost dashes their hopes of a little girl. but a complex surgical procedure was able to save the baby's life. 19 weeks into her second
5:53 pm
pregnancy, samantha rodriguez, received devastating news. during a routine ultrasound, doctors discovered a growing mass in her baby's lung. >> would have been impossible for her to breathe. i was hysterical. they had to pull me out of the waiting room because people were staring at me. >> reporter: specialists recommended a rare delivery option called exit, which operates on the baby while it's partially inside the mother's womb. >> the procedure is a specialized type of procedure at the time of a caesarean section. the infant is actually delivered only to the level of the abdomen. this allows any type of surgery to be performed on the infant, and actually allows them to secure the airway. >> even though it was bit of a bigger risk, we just had to gamble and take the chance. but we were terrified the entire time. >> reporter: on april 25th, doctors removed a mass from the baby's left lung while she was
5:54 pm
still attached to her mother's placenta and umbilical chord. her lifeline, giving her oxygen ask keeping her warm. after the five hours of the procedure, alejandra entered the world. >> she very much is our miracle baby. they expected her to be hospitalized for at least two months. and she was out in 11 days. i mean, that's a miracle. it just blew everybody's mind, that she was just so strong and so willing to live. >> reporter: doctors say her body will continue to fill in the lung tissue that didn't grow during the pregnancy. and she will be able to breathe and play like any other baby. >> that was dr. jennifer ashton reporting. the fewer than 100 open fetal procedures are performed every year. this type of highly coordinated surgery involves a team of doctors to ensure the baby's safety. comfort in placebo pills. when it comes to treating the
5:55 pm
common cold, the placebo effect could make a difference. they gave echinacea pills, placebos or no pills at all. and they found patients who took either pills got better faster. and their symptoms were slightly less less severe than those who did not take pills at all. eating a high-protein diet, could be linked to a slimmer waistline. those who eat meals with extra protein feel full throughout the day. they also report having smaller appetites late at night and in the morning. still ahead on eyewitness news. an 8-year-old, snatched from the street and shoved in a trunk. i'm mike hellgren, in west baltimore. coming up, you'll hear from the woman who found him. ,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
abduction. a child thrown into a trunk. and are suspects in custody? the heat is on. temperatures soar, near 100 degrees. i'm adam may. the precautions health officials are urging you to take. that's coming up. owings mills inferno. an entire array. how did it start? stunning statement. what president obama is saying about social security, as the debt limit deadline moves. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00
5:59 pm
starts now. abducted and abandoned. an 8-year-old taken from a west baltimore street, dumped at a vacant home. >> tonight, hear from the wjz viewer who found him and the little boy's family. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> police say money was the motive. right now, they're looking for one of the kidnappers and elf -- delving into the plot to take the 8-year-old. >> reporter: the woman says it was fate she happened to be on her front porch, when one of the kidnappers happened to drop the boy f

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